07 March 2011

Survey reveals that vegan stereotypes are false

A new survey of over 2,000 vegans worldwide, called Vegan From the Inside, offers the truth about people who live on plant-based diets. The respondents of the survey were required to have been on an animal-free diet for at least three months.

Survey author Janice Stanger, PhD, notes that “On balance, the rewards of a vegan diet far outweigh the challenges that respondents describe. A totally plant-based diet is an ideal that is easier than some might believe.”

Likewise, Dr. Pam Popper, Executive Director of the Wellness Forum, says, “Finally, some documentation showing what those of us who have been teaching people to adopt a plant-based diet for years have known all along. The diet is easy, people love it, they get great results, and they generally stick with it.”

The survey results debunk common claims about animal-free diets, including fallacies such as vegans are "pale, weak and unhealthy" or that a "vegan diet has too many carbs." Other debunked myths are that a "vegan diet is boring" and "all about deprivation."

In fact, the survey results actually found that most participants "enjoy cooking more" and have felt "fulfilled results of their eating choices." Additional common misconceptions claim that a "plant-based diet requires significant discipline and is difficult to maintain" and "vegans can't enjoy eating out." Particularly in response to the latter argument, some respondents added that, as veganism is becoming more mainstream, eating while out is easier.

One respondent even remarked, “Going vegan was the best thing I ever did!”

Finally, a positive light shed on the positive change of going animal-free!

Geanna Marek | @greenvegnliving
Geanna has been a vegan for over 3 years. She lives in the very veg-friendly city of Portland, Oregon, where she works as a freelance writer and library assistant. She is also currently training to run the Portland Marathon this fall. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, eating, and traveling. Find Geanna at greenveganliving.com.

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/pikku-mikko