14 February 2011

Cherry Berry Spring/Summer 2011 collection due out in March

Mark your calendar, Cherry Berry is on their way to making a splash with their new Spring/Summer 2011 collection that is due to come out this March.

If you’re looking for a trendy bag to add to your collection this year then this company might be for you.

The Canadian Company was established less than two years ago by designer Ishan Singh, Cherry Berry vegan bags are eco-friendly, fun, functional and come with a clear conscience. The company believes that every person and or company has a responsibility to protect the earth and its creatures and by purchasing one of their bags you’re saying no to cruelty. Cherry Berry has been a strong supporter of animal rights and prides themselves in obtaining only the finest quality vegan leather and pleather on the market. This makes their bags durable and functional whether you want to use it for work or a night out on the town. The bags are meant to hold up to everyday use. Cherry Berry bags are definitely a must have for anyone who doesn’t want to carry around a carcass.

According to Singh, “Cherry Berry actively participates in the promotion for the ethical treatment of animals. Cherry Berry is involved with several organizations including The Humane Society, PETA, the Montreal World Vegan Day Association, the Concordia Animal Rights Association as well as numerous local charities.”

If you would like more information about this company please feel free to check out their website at http://cherryberry.ca/.

Jodi Truglio | email
Jodi is a strict vegan and animal rights advocate that grew up in up-state New York. She holds a degree in Journalism and Media Studies. In her spare time Jodi enjoys doing yoga and pilates.

Photo credit: Cherry Berry