04 February 2011

Cauliflower masquerading as rice, only in Miami

No wonder there’s so much anti-vegetable sentiment going around. When all you’ve ever tasted are boiled, tasteless vegetables, it makes sense to live on fast food. At least it’s got flavor.

But man, oh, man what can be done with raw veggies. If everyone had the opportunity to try the kind of local, organic, creative dishes being made by talented raw chefs, chicken nuggets would barely pass for food.

Lifefood Gourmet in Miami is as gourmet and thoughtful as they come, with menu items classified by the health benefits they provide. (Just look at this menu!) Feeling nervous? Have some Nori Crisps. Too much smoking? Order the Suprema Pizza. Trying to get pregnant? Try a Mango Passion Smoothie (if you must).

Me, I was just taxed by the 1,000-mile trip from Virginia to Florida so I went with a variety platter including butternut squash soup, incredibly flavorful quinoa, and cauliflower turned magically into a fluffy, rice-like, perfectly seasoned treat. Too good for words.

I think my friend Kevin ordered the burger, and gave it two thumbs up, but I was too busy hallucinating to notice much.

This restaurant alone might be worth a move to Miami. Next up for review: Green Wave Cafe near Ft. Lauderdale.

Kristine Kieswer | Kristine's Facebook
Kristine is the author of Ankle-Biting Terrier, the animal-centric, baby-free, 30-something blog. Early in her career she had the opportunity to write Healthy Eating for Life for Women under the direction of PCRM’s medical staff. In her spare moments Kristine studies dance, reads, travels, and fosters dogs.

Photo credit: Lifefood Gourmet, Kristine