24 February 2011

Beauty on the beach in Florida: Raw taco salad platter

I’m sure I won’t be able to re-create this after I’m long gone from Florida, but it’s always nice to gather ideas here and there. This is Happy Healthy Human’s taco salad platter: a “meaty” walnut pate, avocados, and their own version of dairy-free “sour cream,” stuffed in collard-green wraps, set upon a bed of fresh greens, carrots, cabbage, sprouts, beets, and tomatoes. I don’t think they’ll divulge the ingredients of their phenomenal dips and dressings, but raw “creaminess” usually comes from seed and nut butters. (Here are a few ideas.) Two dishes down, the rest of the menu to try before I leave...

Happy Healthy Human is located in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida.

Kristine Kieswer | Kristine's Facebook
Kristine is the author of Ankle-Biting Terrier, the animal-centric, baby-free, 30-something blog. Early in her career she had the opportunity to write Healthy Eating for Life for Women under the direction of PCRM’s medical staff. In her spare moments Kristine studies dance, reads, travels, and fosters dogs.

Photo credit: Kristine