15 February 2011

Eat the flesh then wear the skin at a hipster Brooklyn restaurant

At the Brooklyn-based restaurant Marlow and Sons you can now wear the skin of the animals that you have just devoured. Designer Kate Huling, who owns the restaurant along with her husband, has introduced leather wears created from the hides of the grass fed cows and pigs that are served up at the couples restaurant.

As it takes months to prepare the hides and make the bags, wallets and footballs, chances are you're not getting the exact same animal that you eat, which kind of ruins the novelty in my opinion. Mrs. Huling disguises this marketing ploy as a chance for her customers to "honor the animal."

The leather wears are only available after eating in the restaurant. So after your $12.50 chicken liver pate appetizer, $10 cocktail and $26 meat plate, you too can have the opportunity to really "honor the animal" and buy the $300 hipster leather messenger type bag.

Most slaughter houses use all parts of the animal, I guess they are really honoring the animals. Maybe this is just an attempt to get people to frequent the restaurant, maybe this helps ease the conscience of profiting off the killing animals, either way I hope I am never honored in the same way.

As vegetarians and vegans know, the best way to honor the animal is to simply not eat them. Seeing a live cow will always be more satisfying to me than having a steak.

Peter Godoy | @petergodoy
Peter lives in San Diego with two animal companion cats, Gremlin and Mila, and has no plans to ever leave America's Finest City. He was vegetarian for a couple months until he saw the light and became a vegan. Animal rights has become his passion. Peter enjoys reading vegan blogs and cooking vegan meals. Follow Peter on Facebook.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/sanctumsolitude and flickr.com/photos/melaniejo