15 February 2011

PETA offers to save Edger Allan Poe Home and Museum

This year the City of Baltimore has slashed $85,000 from the budget that covers the operating costs for the Edgar Allen Poe House & Museum.

The "Poe House & Museum" is in danger of closing its doors if it doesn't receive donations. Animal rights organization PETA has stepped forward offering to help by providing a portion of the amount needed.

PETA's only request is that the Poe House & Museum display an ad promoting a vegan diet.

"Even the master, Poe himself, couldn't match the scary things that meat, eggs, and dairy products can do to a healthy heart," said PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. "Besides being murder on animals, eating meat is a surefire way to increase your chances of an early demise."

A win win situation; let the doors close, nevermore...

John Himmelberger | @johnhimm
John lives in Maryland where he works as a sales manager. John and his wife Eileen’s pursuit to achieve optimum health combined with a desire to send a strong message to factory farming, inspired them to examine what they put into their bodies. Now a vegan, John has great admiration for groups like Farm Sanctuary and hopes to influence others by sharing his positive experiences. Follow John on his blog and Facebook.

Photo credit: PETA