18 February 2011

Another happy ending as divers rescue terrifed whale trapped by 'ghost net'

It's tragic when animals suffer due to human apathy, but it's so inspiring when compassionate people take action to help animals in need. This uplifting video puts you in the middle of a life-and-death drama as underwater rescuers save the life of a trapped whale...

"Ghost nets" refer to the immense, indestructible plastic nets abandoned or lost by fishing boats. Once cast adrift on the open seas, these nets devastate marine ecosystems and cause the suffering and deaths of countless animals–from tiny marine creatures to great whales alike.

Fortunately for one whale, desperately entangled in a net off the coast of Mexico last week, people of good will were there to undo the damage that less caring people had created.

After being trapped for days, this humpback whale avoided the fate of so many others when divers risked their own safety to cut her free.

See the video of her amazing rescue here:

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Elizabeth is an Asian-Appalachian writer, activist, and college professor living in north central Massachusetts. Once an avowed carnivore, she was a vegetarian for 15 years before making the conversion to veganism. She is passionate about trying to live a life that lessens, rather than contributes to, the amount of cruelty and suffering in this world. Follow Elizabeth on her Vegosphere blog and Facebook page.

Photo credit: video screen capture