Get 'clucky' and support Compassion Over Killing on Valentine's Day 2011

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Nothing says “I love you” like a public display of affection. That’s why DC-metro area lovers should head over to the local favorite Sticky Fingers Bakery by February 14 to buy the adorable “I’m Clucky to Have You” Valentine’s cards, which can be personalized with a note to your sweetheart and added to the festive heart-shaped window display.

Passerby can view the special note of compassion on the back of the card from the outside of the restaurant, and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each $1 card will benefit Compassion Over Killing’s (COK) farmed animal advocacy.

And while helping cows, pigs, and chickens is reward enough, the purchase of each card counts as entry into a raffle to win a new COK logo shirt and a dozen of the all-vegan bakery’s scrumptious cupcakes to share with your sweet (winners will be announced on February 15).

Your Valentine will no doubt find your compassion sexy, ensuring you get “clucky” in love!

Jaya Bhumitra | Facebook
Jaya has eight years of experience in public affairs and communications, and degrees in business and psychology. She is a Volunteer Outreach Coordinator with Compassion Over Killing in L.A. and an avid runner. Jaya is owned by four dogs (Trooper, Lacey, Midge, and Tin Tin) and a cat (Cupcake).


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