06 February 2011

Doritos ‘Pug Attack’ a popular Super Bowl XLV commercial pick

This year, Doritos teamed up with Pepsi Max to "bring the biggest and baddest Crash the Super Bowl yet." With that kind of encouragement, it's not a shock that the contest attracted more than 5,600 submissions.

After an unprecedented amount of votes, the field was narrowed down to 10 finalists—5 Doritos and 5 Pepsi Max. The top six, three from each brand, will be aired during Super Bowl XLV and  have a chance to take home some serious cash depending on the ad rankings in the USA Today Ad Meter.

A fan favorite, "Pug Attack" by JR Burningham, stars an adorable dog who won't let a glass door stop his desire for a Dorito chip. Even Ace Metrix, the authority in television advertising effectiveness, gives the commercial a thumbs up.

“‘Pug Attack’ not only received the highest Ace Score, it also demonstrated strong appeal across demographic groups, an important criterion to a successful Super Bowl ad,” said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix, and author of How to Make a Winning Super Bowl Ad. “In addition, ‘Pug Attack’ received the highest rankings in likeability, watchability, relevance and attention, likely aided by the ad’s use of both humor and animals, two often instrumental ingredients to a successful Super Bowl ad.”

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