01 February 2011

'Casting Session' footage too hot even for a PETA commercial

In 2009 PETA aimed to air a commercial entitled Veggie Love during the Super Bowl. The goal of the commercial was to promote the theory that vegetarians have better sex, or to just create a lot of controversy and get their name out there, draw your own conclusions. NBC rejected the commercial because it "depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards." You can read the specifics of what NBC objected to on PETA's website here. In my opinion, if NBC allows the godaddy.com and certain beer commercials then PETA's ad should have been allowed to air.

Not wanting to be forgotten this Super Bowl, PETA has released Casting Session the behind the scenes footage of the casting call for Veggie Love. After exploring the casting session website purely for research, I think PETA is going to get exactly what they want out of this release. They are going to have their name in the media, a lot. I'm sure the news will report on it, parent's groups will yell in outrage about it, abolitionists will scream sexism at the top of their lungs and a meat head will claim it made him want to eat a steak.

The casting session video features many women and a token man using vegetables in creative ways, none of which seem to be for the culinary arts. Looking to be a tease, PETA will take the time from Feb. 1st until the Super Bowl on Feb. 6th to release videos featuring each person appearing in the minute and a half casting session video, with the grand finale being the lone male Joey.

After the casting session video plays, the next video is entitled Free Me, and after that is the banned commercial from the Super Bowl. You should be warned that Free Me is a video revealing some of the horrors of factory farming which are quite vivid, not for the faint of heart. Some scenes I recognized from Earthlings and others from some PETA investigations.

The only redeeming feature of the casting session site is the ability to request a free vegetarian starter kit from PETA. This will definitely get people talking, whether or not it will get people to request the veggie starter kit is up for debate. I'd love if they reported the number of kits sent out as a direct result of this latest PR move.

Peter Godoy | @petergodoy
Peter lives in San Diego with two animal companion cats, Gremlin and Mila, and has no plans to ever leave America's Finest City. He was vegetarian for a couple months until he saw the light and became a vegan. Animal rights has become his passion. Peter enjoys reading vegan blogs and cooking vegan meals. Follow Peter on Facebook.

Photo credit: PETA