03 January 2011

Rishi Tea announces new environmentally friendly, reusable tins

Okay, so I confess I’m guilty of buying tea and saving the tin it comes in. I’ve been doing this form of hoarding for years. Saving the tins, cleaning them out, putting them in a bag in the back of my closet, pulling one out whenever I bought new loose leaf tea that did not come in its own container. I hated having to write on a Post-it note the name of the new tea to cover up the tin's original contents. It would have been easier to just toss it in the trash, but my conscience would not allow me to throw away a perfectly good tin when it could be reused.

I’m happy to say that Rishi Tea has recently introduced a new organic and caffeine-free herbal tea line that comes in environmentally sensitive packaging. Rishi botanicals retail line will feature a new package design with hand-drawn illustrations of the ingredients with an easy to peel off label that allows customers to reuse and recycle the tins. The line will be available in select Whole Foods Markets nationwide for $9.99.

“Our new herbal teas are inspired by ancient herbal beverages and our constant travel and study of food cultures around the world. We’ve fused traditional remedies with epicurean creativity, premium ingredients and original blending techniques to offer balanced and complex flavors not available elsewhere,” says Joshua Kaiser, Rishi Tea founder and tea buyer.

Flavors available in this new tin are Bergamot Sage, Chamomile, Hibiscus Berry, Tangerine Ginger and Cinnamon Plum which won first place at the 2009 World Tea Championship.

Jodi Truglio | email
Jodi is a strict vegan and animal rights advocate that grew up in up-state New York. She holds a degree in Journalism and Media Studies. In her spare time Jodi enjoys doing yoga and pilates.

Photo credit:Rishi Tea