05 January 2011

No Meat Zone Recipes: JL’s New Year Beans, Greens & Grains


JL’s New Year Beans, Greens & Grains


2/3 c farro
2 T olive oil
1/2 medium yellow onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 t thyme (dry)
1/2 t sweet basil (dry)
3/4 c black-eyed peas (dry)
2 c liquid (I used 1 cup water + 1 cup low-sodium vegetable stock)
1 T Bragg Liquid Aminos
1/2 t Yuzu-It pepper sauce (any hot sauce is fine, I just happened to pick this up at a Japanese market on New Year’s Eve and wanted to try it)


Soak farro in water for about 30 minutes (long enough for a nice hot shower post-run).
Heat the pressure cooker on medium and add the drained farro for a quick toss to toast.
Add olive oil, onion, garlic, thyme and sweet basil and stir for a few minutes.
Add the vegetable broth, water and black-eyed peas.
Lock the pressure cooker lid and turn the heat to high.
Once pressure is reached, adjust the heat to keep the pressure regulator gently rocking for 10 minutes.
Remove from heat and let the pressure naturally release.
Stir in the Bragg Liquid Aminos and hot sauce.

Serves 4

JL | @JLgoesvegan
Post-40 JL became a marathoner and triathlete, changed careers and transitioned from vegetarian to vegan. She now blogs about vegan cooking (and wine!) and fitness. JL is a community college administrator and teaches nonprofit management at a local university. Follow JL on her blog and Facebook.

Photo credit: JL