Favorite meal photos from 'This Dish Is Veg' team members

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By default, as vegans we are true foodies. We know that eliminating animal products from our diet doesn't mean that we must limit ourselves to bowls of leaves and nuts. In fact, many of us find that veganism has opened our eyes to a whole new—more delicious—way of eating.

Check out some of the This Dish Is Veg team's favorite meals:

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Tofu Scramble

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Quinoa, green lentil, kale soup

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Mushroom Risotto

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Steamed kale and cabbage with a squeeze of lemon, brown rice porridge with umeboshi plum, iso soup with carrots and onions, garbanzo bean salad with scallions and parsley, kukicha tea

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Baked sweet potato, mashed and mixed with coconut milk, and topped with fresh pomegranate seeds, coconut flakes and cilantro

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Mac and Cheese

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Breakfast Tacos

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Teriyaki Tofu

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