31 January 2011

Pressure from PETA, consumers prompts Lipton Tea to cease animal testing

Thousands of people from around the world were outraged to learn of Lipton Tea’s animal testing practices last December. Well that outrage led to action which yielded quite positive results.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which spearheaded the effort against Lipton, announced that the tea giant’s parent company, Unilever, has opted to “end all non-required animal testing for their teas and tea-based beverages worldwide.”

“With this victory, the suffering of animals for Lipton and PG tips teas ends,” said PETA President Ingrid Newkirk.

According to PETA, prior to the decision to cease the inhumane testing, Unilever conducted a myriad of gruesome experiments including:

cutting holes into rats' intestines and feeding them tea ingredients through a tube in their throats; infecting piglets with E. coli toxin and cutting their intestines apart while they were still alive; killing mice by suffocating them and breaking their necks; cutting off rabbits' heads; and conducting other cruel tests that involved tormenting and killing animals simply to study the health effects of its tea products and ingredients.

PETA is requesting those involved to show a bit of gratitude for Lipton/Unilever's sudden compassionate streak by completing a contact form found here.

More than 40,000 people sent emails urging the London-based corporation to end the cruel testing.

Eric Fortney | @elfortney | email
Eric is the co-founder and executive editor of the animal rights and eco-friendly news source, This Dish Is Veg. In addition to his work at TDIV, Eric is a father of three, runner, and lover of the outdoors.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/sshb