28 January 2011

Puppy Bowl VII goes beyond entertainment with chance to adopt

When I first saw the press release for Animal Planet's PUPPY BOWL VII I immediately thought of my grandmother. She passed a few years ago, but I remember that she loved watching this event and would always talk about how cute all the pups were. I would watch a few minutes here and there with her but never paid too much attention. I was unaware that the puppies were even up for adoption.

I was pleased to discover that the puppies are indeed up for adoption and all of them hail from shelters across the country and beyond. These cute canines come from shelters in Alabama, New York, Ohio, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. So if you are looking for an animal companion tune into Animal Planet on Sunday Feb. 6 at 3pm Eastern and check out all the puppies playing their hearts out.

Whether you are really looking to adopt or just need your daily dose of cute, the Puppy Bowl is still a fun event.

Additionally, this annual Animal Planet puppy extravaganza will feature chickens on the sidelines playing the part of cheerleaders. Note this will be your only chance to see cheerleaders on Super Bowl Sunday as the Packers and Steelers are two of only six NFL teams that do not utilize the sideline performers.

Peter Godoy | @petergodoy
Peter lives in San Diego with two animal companion cats, Gremlin and Mila, and has no plans to ever leave America's Finest City. He was vegetarian for a couple months until he saw the light and became a vegan. Animal rights has become his passion. Peter enjoys reading vegan blogs and cooking vegan meals. Follow Peter on Facebook.

Photo credit: AP/David Holloway