25 January 2011

Food Network ratings took nose dive in 2010, first ever major decline

Recipes laden with butter and bacon may be losing their allure for viewers. The Food Network, home of pork pusher Paula Deen and perky Rachel “evoo” Ray saw its ratings for viewers ages 25 to 54 take a nose dive last year, dropping 10.3 percent by the end of 2010.

It seems that women ages 18-49 and 25 to 54 may not like that guy with the bleached blonde hair who wears his sunglasses backwards and seems to live on a diet of cheeseburgers, or pizza topped with cheeseburgers. Ratings for this key demographic for the channel fell 9 percent last month.

This is the first major ratings falloff for the meat-centric channel, according to the New York Post, who reported the story last week.

The New York Post blames the decline on non-food channels like TLC and Bravo getting into the cooking business and making – well – better shows like Top Chef and Cake Boss.

Additionally, The Food Network reportedly offered more reality programming in prime time last year in an effort to attract more young male viewers. Hence the blond guy. Hence everyone turning the channel.

So all you amazing vegan cooks out there, this might be the right time to pitch a show to The Food Network. So get out your sunglasses, buy a bottle of bleach and BAM! Hey, it just might work.

Robin Lawless | @robmlaw | email
Robin lives in New York City where she loves to check out all the vegan eateries. When she's not writing for TDIV, Robin enjoys taking dance lessons, reading, practicing yoga, hanging out with her cat Maggie, baking vegan treats, and volunteering at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Feel free to add Robin as a friend on Facebook.

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