13 January 2011

Lily the black bear ready to give birth via webcam once again

Lily, a four-year-old black bear that became famous when she gave birth to a cub named Hope in front of a worldwide audience via webcam in January 2010, may be adding to her family soon.

The North American Bear Center (NABC) believes that Lily is pregnant again, and could possibly give birth to one or two cubs next week. Though a wonderful and heartwarming discovery, it is still a mystery as to what will happen when the new cubs are introduced to Hope.

We “hope” that Hope will accept the new cub or cubs, but no one knows for sure yet. A situation like this has never been witnessed in the wild or on a live cam before.

Doug Hajicek, the television producer responsible for the original Lily birthing event says, “We’re really in uncharted territory here. No one knows quite what to expect.”

Last year, people were able to view Lily give birth via a webcam that was installed in her den by wildlife biologist Lynn Rogers and  Hajicek. Viewers from around the world watched in awe as they witnessed a new bear being brought into the world.

Watch the live feed webcams 24/7 on www.bear.org and www.wildearth.tv.


Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

Photo credit: Lily the bear Facebook