10 January 2011

Spain's state television network to stop airing bullfighting

Spain’s public broadcasting network announced last Saturday that it will no longer air live bullfighting over concerns that it is too violent for children to watch.

Radio Television Espanola (RTVE) said it will discontinue airing the bullfights because they usually take place in primetime hours when young viewers are watching television. RTVE said in a statement that bullfighting presents "images that should be avoided for children. Children may view with distress violence exerted on animals and for this we should avoided them at all costs.”

Under Spanish law only programming suitable for children can be shown between the hours of 6am and 10pm. Bullfights normally start in the late afternoon.

The move has reportedly angered matadors and bullfighting proponents who suffered a major defeat six months ago when the Catalan Parliament voted to ban bullfighting in their region.

Catalonia became the second Spanish region to outlaw the practice, following the Canary Islands that banned bullfighting in 1991. A similar motion to ban bullfighting is currently making its way through the Basque Parliament.

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