14 December 2010

Veggie Brothers vegan meals deliver the yum

This week I wanted to come straight from work instead of stopping for dinner. There were a bunch of entrees in my freezer courtesy of Veggie Brothers and I was so excited to try them all!

The “meaty” products I tried were delicious. I threw them together with a baked potato or quick risotto, crisp green salad and a glass of wine. To make a meal this good in 20 minutes is remarkable! My favorite was the Grilled Soy Chicken Cutlet with Garlic Lemon Herb Sauce. The texture was nicely chewy and the sauce was delicious.

While the meaty dishes were good, the Veggie Pot Pie and the Wellington Supreme were outstanding. I wish I had a freezer full of Wellington Supreme! Their site explains it as "Tender seitan medallions and portabella mushrooms, grilled with a delicious sauce, atop a bed of sauteed spinach and encased in a delicate organic puff pastry. This is Haute Cuisine -- made Vegan! The World's best ingredients are only the beginning at Veggie Brothers." I just describe them as "OMG."

My husband is totally a vegan hot wing aficionado. He loved the sauce, it was just spicy enough, and he loved the wood skewer through the middle of each "wing." It really was fun to eat the meaty stuff off of the "bone!" We'll definitely be ordering these again.

Veggie Brothers is good for saving time and not compromising quality or taste. The entrees range in price from $8 - $15 dollars. That's a bit much for this secretary, wanna-be writer, but having a few meals on hand could really improve a rotten day.

Amanda Rock | @slc_vgn
Amanda has a passion for delicious, sustainable food. Spending most of her life as a vegetarian sparked her interest in the environmental impact of food. When she's not glued to her computer, you can find her spending time with her fur-kids and going on foodie adventures with her husband. Visit Amanda's SLC blog and vegan dog blog.

Photo credit:  Veggie Brothers