20 December 2010

Canadian MP Trudeau promotes cruel Christmas on holiday card

Imagine getting a Christmas card that instead of making you think about peace on earth gave you a vision of hell on earth? That’s what happened recently when Canadian liberal MP Justin Trudeau sent out his annual holiday card with a picture of him, his wife and young children swathed in coyote fur.

The holiday card, which was sent to the politician’s constituents in Montreal, Canada, includes the message: "During this holiday season, let's celebrate what's most important by surrounding ourselves with love and warmth.”

The card has angered both animal activists and some of Trudeau’s constituents, who found the card disturbing and inappropriate, especially for this time of year.

"I was shocked and upset to see it. I think it was disturbing, especially at this time of year in a greeting card. Where is the cheer in wearing the skins of animals?" said Lucas Soloway, a Canadian member of PETA to the Canadian Broadcast Company after seeing the card.

PETA condemned the card and issued the following statement:
Coyotes killed for their fur are usually caught in the wild in steel-jaw traps, which have been banned in dozens of countries and often cause coyotes and other animals to gnaw off their own legs in an attempt to escape.

Many a Canadian Christmas has been ruined after a family dog or cat has died in one of these traps. Wearing the product of such misery for a Christmas card is a pretty lurid way of celebrating peace on Earth.

Trudeau has declined interviews regarding the card but issued a statement saying he chose the coats and fur blanket because he knows the owners of the Canadian company called Canada Down. He defended his use of coyote fur by stating that it is “sustainable."

Trudeau also used the age old excuse of tradition for condoning cruel practices like the fur trade by stating, “It's a family tradition to know how to keep warm in the winter."

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