30 December 2010

Ellen DeGeneres, Portia DeRossi make ‘Most Desirable Neighbor’ list

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi apparently have what it takes to be ‘desirable’ neighbors.

The vegan power couple garnered 9 percent of the vote, good enough for third place, in Zillow’s Most Desirable Neighbors for 2011 list.

Sandra Bullock, unfortunately not vegan or vegetarian, won the title of most desirable neighbor by a landslide. The Academy-award winning actress received a hefty 26 percent of the total vote, 16 percent more than the second place finisher, Sarah Palin—don’t fret Palin also finished third in the Worst Neighbors of 2010 category.

The results are part of Zillow.com’s fourth annual Celebrity Neighbor Survey that polled 1,004 randomly selected adults aged 18 and over residing in the U.S. Quite simply respondents were asked “which celebrities and politicians they would most like to be their neighbor, and with whom they wouldn't want to share a fence.”

Speaking of not sharing a fence, it seems as if voters weren’t too keen on having “The Situation” or “Snooki” knocking on their doors asking for a cup of sugar.

The cast of MTV’s hit reality series The Jersey Shore, won or lost, depending on your perspective, the “Worst Neighbors” grouping with 26 percent of the vote. The Obama’s (15 percent) finished second in the same category—they also finished fourth on the most desirable list—and the aforementioned pitbull with lipstick (13 percent) came in third.

Additionally, DeGeneres and DeRossi weren’t the only veg-friendly couple to make the top ten of the most desirable.

Vegetarian Russell Brand along with his wife Katy Perry finished in seventh place with 2 percent of the vote.

Here is the entire list courtesy of Zillow.com:

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