15 December 2010

Good Housekeeping to release vegan cookbook in 2011

While veganism isn’t exactly mainstream yet, it is making inroads into conventional culture. The latest institution to have its venerable walls climbed is Good Housekeeping, which announced recently they were releasing a vegan cookbook in March 2011. Yes, that bastion of tradition and symbol of American womanhood is breaking with custom and replacing the cheese in mac and cheese with – uh – we’re not sure yet, but are curious to see what they come up with!

The cookbook is called “Good Housekeeping Simple Vegan!: Delicious Meat-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes Every Family Will Love” and is available now for pre-order on Amazon. Good Housekeeping gives the following description of the cookbook:

“Whether you're embracing a vegan lifestyle, adding a few vegan dishes to your meal plan, or cooking for a guest, this book is your road map to delicious vegan food! From Pumpkin Waffles to Polenta with Spicy Eggplant Sauce to Deep Chocolate Cupcakes (and even Mac and Cheese!), this tasty collection offers 100 irresistible recipes the whole family will love-all triple-tested by the Good Housekeeping test kitchens.”

The book will feature 100 recipes, some of which are from celebrity vegan chefs. That’s something worthy of a seal of approval!

Robin Lawless | @robmlaw | email
Robin lives in New York City where she loves to check out all the vegan eateries. When she's not writing for TDIV, Robin enjoys taking dance lessons, reading, practicing yoga, hanging out with her cat Maggie, baking vegan treats, and volunteering at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Feel free to add Robin as a friend on Facebook.

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