14 December 2010

A holiday offer you can't refuse, Earth Balance and Whole Foods launch bake off

Hey, you over there. Yeah, you baking the cookies, with the apron on - Am I not speaking English here? How would you like to get some free stuff this holiday season? All on the up and up, I promise! You would? Great, then I got an offer you will be hard pressed to refuse.

The season is on all you bakers out there and here’s a chance for you to do what you love and win a little something for your efforts. Earth Balance, Whole Foods and Eqal, a leading social entertainment company, have partnered up and launched a holiday bake off where you can showcase your baked good recipes and win a $400 gift card to Whole Foods as well as a year’s supply of Earth Balance. If your recipe wins it could be featured on Whole Foods' website. You could become famous! (At least to Whole Food shoppers, and voracious cookie eaters like me.)

The bake off runs until December 26 and the remaining categories are as follows:
Dec 13 - Dec 17: Holiday Cookie recipe contest
Dec 20 - Dec 24: Cake recipe

To qualify, your recipe must be made with all-natural ingredients and use one or more Earth Balance products including spreads, sticks, nut butters or soy milk. You must include a photo of your creation. Two winning recipes a week will be chosen. Vegan and Gluten free recipes are especially welcome.

To submit your recipe and photo go to Earth Balance’s new website MadeJustRight.com, where you can also share cooking and baking tips and enter giveaways.

“We're excited to provide a platform where health enthusiasts, foodies and home cooks alike can showcase recipes, swap photos and baking tips and share their love for delicious, wholesome food, including all-natural vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free dishes,” said TJ McIntyre, general manager of Earth Balance. "We can't wait to see and taste the delicious treats our at-home bakers have to share."

Don’t worry, this time the tip-off is free. On second thought maybe I’ll take one of those cookies when they’re done.

Robin Lawless | @robmlaw | email
Robin lives in New York City where she loves to check out all the vegan eateries. When she's not writing for TDIV, Robin enjoys taking dance lessons, reading, practicing yoga, hanging out with her cat Maggie, baking vegan treats, and volunteering at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Feel free to add Robin as a friend on Facebook.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/moirabot