13 December 2010

Pitbull mix saves blind ex-shelter mate from certain death

Nala, a pit bull mix was being walked by a Redmond, OR Humane Society volunteer last week, when she suddenly started pulling. Alan Borland thought it was unusual as normally she was great on her leash.

“She looked very alert, and kept looking to the south,” said Borland. “I tried calling her, but she kept pulling towards the ditch.”

Allowing Nala to take the lead, Borland followed her to a ditch just yards from the Humane Society where he found a small black and white dog curled up.

“I thought he was dead at first. He had ice-balls on his feet, and he was really filthy looking.”

Borland and Nala ran into the Humane Society for help for the dog, who appeared to be close to death. Once inside, staff identified the cocker spaniel as Chadwick, a blind 10 year old former shelter dog who had been adopted just a month earlier. A week before Nala found him, he had run away from his new home two miles away from the shelter.

“It was quite a surprise,” said shelter manager Chris Bauersfeld. “He was found 200 yards away from the shelter. Through all his wanderings, he must have heard the other shelter dogs barking and recognized the place.”

Bauersfeld believes that Chadwick lost his way in a snowstorm, and somehow managed to stay alive on the frozen streets for a week before Nala’s discovery.

“Five other dogs walked right past Chadwick that morning when they were out for their morning walk,” said Bauersfeld. “Only Nala alerted to Chadwick’s prescence.”

Once Chadwick had been treated for dehydration, he was returned to his owner, Tina Mazzariello who had been searching for him since his escape.

It is hoped that Nala’s heroics will lead to finding her a permanent home. She has been living at the Humane Society since April, and the shelter has been struggling to find a home for her.

“I hope that after this, someone would step forward and adopt Nala,” Bauersfeld said. “She’s really a delightful dog.”

For more information on Nala and the Redmond Humane Society, please go here.

source: MSNBC

Bev Hahler | @redhotvegan
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Photo Credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/nikonuser


  1. Really nice article. Goes to show that pitbull and pit bull mixes can be and are as wonderful as other dogs!

  2. I've always had lab/mixes since i moved out on my own years ago. Now in June, i went to adopt what was said to be a lab mix but the vet says she's at least part pit bull. And the more i see pictures of them, she does look a lot like them. She is so sweet, gives me kisses all the time & likes to be with me constantly, follows me around at times. She hates to be alone & has the best personality. You couldn't ask for a nicer dog. Pit bulls are just another breed of dog, like any dog, if you train them to be mean, they will be. I wouldn't hesitate to adopt another one. I'm glad my girl came into my life.

  3. If I were the Chadwicks owner..I'd adopt Nala for saving my pup. It's amazing how loving, caring and amazing Pit Bulls are!

  4. I hope the owner will be more careful. Odd that she never contacted the humane society in the first place (I'm assuming not or it would have been said) in case someone brought him in. A blind dog in the middle of winter getting lost leads me to wonder how that could possibly happen as one would never let their dog out alone that is blind? Obviously the little thing is 10 and blind so doesn't move too fast. I've done rescue for 30 years and it sure sounds odd to me.