10 December 2010

'The Veg Edge' premiers and Brandy Kuentzel wins 'The Apprentice'

Last night was definitely must see TV for vegans and vegetarians. Not only was there a special on The Cooking Channel about vegan and vegetarian food across the country but Brandy Kuentzel, vegetarian and former corporate attorney, won NBC’s “The Apprentice.”

Yesterday the veg blogosphere was buzzing with anticipation for “The Veg Edge,” the first ever veg special from The Cooking Channel, sister network of the meat-centric Food Network. For the most part, the special did not disappoint, although there may be some vegans out there who are upset at a segment in the show where former meat-eaters lamented on how they miss bacon.

The show did a great job of highlighting all amazing and diverse kinds of food that veg chefs are preparing these days. From Amanda Cohen’s feeding trendy hipsters on the lower east side of New York City to Colin Patterson’s innovative prix fixe dinners at Sutra in Seattle, the program showed how far veg cooking has evolved from the days of soybean casseroles and bean sprouts. The segment about the food trucks in Austin, Texas and Portland, Oregon, made me want to jump in a car and take a road trip to try out their delicious offerings. Unfortunately, the taxi driver said he couldn’t leave the five boroughs of New York City.

Right after watching that show, I tuned in to watch the brainy and beautiful Brandy Kuentzel handily win "The Apprentice" over the corn (and undoubtedly beef) fed Texan Clint Robertson. Brandy is a vegetarian and an avid supporter of animal rights, and won the contest after she spoke about how she wanted to work with Trump’s children to develop the future of his organization. Hopefully, the future of the Trump Company is going to be a little greener and more veg friendly now that Brandy is part of it.

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