07 December 2010

Ford announces plans to utilize recycled cotton

Ford has announced its plans to incorporate recycled cottons into their automobiles, in the form of carpet backing and sound absorption material.

The 107-year-old auto company has helped decrease the amount of waste in our landfills by reusing old clothes in their next-generation Focus and recycling materials others probably don’t want. With its efforts Ford is making strides in becoming a greener company, and have been attempting to be more eco-friendly for quite some time.

For several years, Ford has been using soy foam seat cushions, recycled materials for their underbody systems and seat covers, and natural-fiber plastic for interior components.

Although I do not own a car and only use my feet and public transportation, Ford has been a part of my life for 25 years as my mother’s employer, and I’m glad that they’re at least trying to help our only home—Earth.

Kelly Beth | @veganbotanicals
Kelly Beth is a smiley vegan herbalist and wanderer, and currently resides in Boulder, Colorado with her fiancé and kitty (kitty face). She created twig & leaf botanicals, a vegan & organic herbal apothecary 3 years ago to bring healthy, plant-based alternatives to mainstream medicine and home care. Follow Kelly Beth on her blog and Facebook.

Photo credit: cc:flickr.com/photos/fordeu