06 December 2010

California company introduces sustainable 'Green Logs'

Finally....a way to roast soy dogs over an open fire and create no carbon footprint whatsoever. Viaspace Green Energy just announced that it shipped its first load of Green Logs to a U.S. distributor and consumers can now buy the logs, made of sustainable Giant King Grass, on Amazon and Ebay and retail stores in the near future.

The company currently grows the 100 percent renewable grass logs in Asia but is looking to form partnerships in Indonesia and Africa, as well, if the trial run this winter with consumers goes well. A typical King Grass crop grows to maturity in only 120 days and has a much higher yield in terms of tons per acre, according to Viaspace, so the cost will be lower than the more traditional fireplace log comprised of sawdust and wood chips.

The only person who probably WON’T benefit from the logs this Christmas is Santa who may want to drop presents off at the front door rather than brave the extra heat the logs put out as compared to regular logs. 

They also have a “natural campfire aroma,” says Viaspace. Since the company uses the grass for other eco-friendly pursuits such as low-carbon fuel for electricity generating power plants and as a feedstock for bio methane production, consumers can feel good about spending hard earned dollars on lighting their fireplaces as the temperatures drop. The logs, which weigh five pounds and burn for approximately five hours, can be viewed at www.viaspacegreenenergy.com.

Kathryn Lorusso
Kathryn is a former journalist and English teacher who now counsels and mediates teenage drama on a daily basis in the Dallas, Ft. Worth metroplex. Time away from school is spent cooking up new macrobiotic/vegan specialties, writing various blogs and newsletters and taking as many bikram yoga classes as possible.

Photo credit: viaspacegreenenergy.com