23 November 2010

ChicoBag reusable holiday bags: stylish gift wrap without the waste

With the holiday season and Black Friday just around the corner, many people will be out shopping for gifts and of course disposable wrapping paper to not only hide the identity of the goodies within but to also add seasonal flair.

According to the Clean Air council, during the holidays over five million tons of wrapping paper are thrown away every year.

ChicoBag, the purveyors of reusable shopping bags, is determined to make holidays less wasteful and more eco-friendly by presenting a reusable gift-wrapper holiday bag.

The people at ChicoBag were kind enough to send me a couple samples of their gift bags. Doubling as a shopping tote, it is very stylish with a cute design and adds a nice new twist to the wrapping paper norm. The material is made from woven polyester and opens easily with no special folding needed to create a beautiful wrapping for your holiday goodies.

Since it is reusable, it could also be used as a gift wrapped with a gift of the ChicoBag!

You can buy a ChicoBag holiday bag here for only $12.99.

Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

Photo credit: Screen capture ChicoBag.com