30 November 2010

Anti-fur activists take over Donna Karan's Facebook page

Yesterday morning PETA staged a protest on clothing brand DKNY’s Facebook page as part of an ongoing effort to urge the company to stop using rabbit fur. DKNY is designer Donna Karan’s fashion line for younger consumers.

Thirteen users changed their profiles to block letters and posted them to spell out the words “DK Bunny Butcher." The protesters also posted impassioned pleas to the designer to stop using fur, and urged consumers to boycott DKNY.

As of this writing, the bunny butcher letters, as well as the subsequent anti-fur messages are still on DKNY’s Facebook page. So far no reaction has been posted or released from the brass at DKNY.

PETA has previously protested Karan’s use of fur in her designs by holding protests at the DKNY headquarters in New York City and at retail outlets carrying the company's clothing. Senior Campaigner for the PETA protest Ashley Byrne said that the Facebook campaign was a way to “reach new audiences who may not yet know about the cruelty that goes into every piece of fur used in her line."

In 2009 Karan pledged to stop using fur, after meeting with representatives from PETA and seeing a slideshow of the inhumane treatment of animals use in the fur trade. However, her promise was sort lived, as fur appeared again in her collection last fall.

DKNY's Facebook page has over 200,000 fans.

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Photo credit: Screen capture Facebook.com