16 November 2010

Compassion for animals earns Illinois woman national award

California-based national animal protection organization In Defense of Animals (IDA) has honored Doris Muller of West Peoria for her work rescuing animals and nursing them back to health.

Muller has turned her home into a shelter and foster home for abandoned dogs, cats, and  rabbits, but her compassion does not stop at the cute and furry. She rescues injured or orphaned pigeons, robins and any other animal in need.

It all began when Muller, now retired, found a young kitten wandering the streets with a serious leg injury. She took him to a veterinarian and paid for the surgery to heal his leg. That was the defining moment, the moment when she discovered her mission.

From that moment to today she gives her resources, time and money to provide medical care, shelter, and love to animals in need.

And as far as feeding goes, commercially prepared pet food is out of the question, given the cruelty by which it is produced. Muller cooks all the food for her animal charges herself.

In accepting the award, Muller quoted Mother Theresa. "We can't do great things, we can only do small things with great love."

The co-founder of Peoria Voices for Animals, Ms. Muller is also a strong supporter of a vegan lifestyle. On her website she states, "99% of all animals killed in the US are killed for food production. If you care about animals and don't want to support needless cruelty and violence, the most important thing you can do is stop eating animals and animal products."

If you're in the Peoria area you can join Doris Muller in a peaceful leafleting demonstration to promote veganism and educate the public about the horrific treatment of animals on farms and in slaughterhouses. Demonstrations are usually held the first Saturday of each month from 2:30-3:30 p.m. at the corner of Main and University. Check her site's upcoming events page for further information.

Do you know someone like Doris who demonstrates extraordinary care and compassion towards animals? Why not nominate them for the IDA Guardian Award? It's only fitting that animal lovers celebrate each other's hard work and dedication.

On behalf of the team at This Dish is Veg, congratulations Doris, and keep up the fantastic work!

Bonnie Shulman | @veganbonnie
Bonnie has been a vegan for four years and supports vegan advocacy organizations such as Vegan Outreach and Farm Sanctuary, as well as animal rights groups around the world. She is particularly nuts about ducks, as you can see from her flickr site. Feel free to add Bonnie as a friend on Facebook.

Photo credit: cc: Screen capture TheGuardianCampaign.org