15 November 2010

Store to sell reindeer meat just in time for Christmas

Santa's little helpers won't be having a very merry Christmas this year. A British supermarket chain has come under fire for selling reindeer meat as part of its Christmas promotion.

The discount chain store called Lidl is selling frozen Siberian reindeer legs as part of a “luxury cuisine” line that also includes other wild animals such as pheasant, venison and springbok.

Animal rights groups have assailed Lidl, which defended its decision to sell the meat by saying that the slaughtered reindeer had been well treated.

"Lidl is destroying the magic of Christmas by selling dead reindeer," said Justin Kerswell, the campaigns manager for Vegetarians International Voice for Animals. "What they term 'luxury cuisine' belies the truth behind an industry that exists to exploit wild animals."

"The idea of 'Rudolph' being slaughtered and sliced into steaks for a novelty Christmas dinner is revolting. Christmas is supposed to remind us of peace and goodwill -- and the rest of the animal kingdom could do with a taste of it, rather than being tasted." A spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said.

Lidl is owned by a German chain and has over 500 shops in Britain.

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Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/bigfez