15 November 2010

NBC Universal kicks off 'Green Week' programming

NBC Universal kicks off its annual Green Week starting today, so watch for green themes and tips, as well as special guests on your favorite shows this week. But some of NBC’s ideas about what is green will probably stir up some controversy.

Shows like “30 Rock” “The Office” and “The Jay Leno Show” prove that you can be green and have a sense of humor too. On “The Office”, Dwight pens a love poem to Mother Earth, while Jay Leno will ask green themed questions on his “Jaywalking” segment. Last year Al Gore made a guest appearance on “30 Rock," and the show promises another high profile surprise guest this year.

On “The Biggest Loser” vegan trainer Bob Harper and his coconut milk loving cohort Jillian Michaels offer green training tips, while a green themed murder mystery is offered up on “Law & Order: Los Angeles."

On the newsier side of things, CNBC's Mad Money will look at one green company stock a day, while NBC Nightly news will air segments on aquapontics, hybrid delivery trucks, and the controversial method of extracting natural gas called fracking. Fast money will examine the profitability of “green energy” like nuclear power, natural gas, clean coal and wind power. I didn’t know nuclear power or coal was considered green, but I guess NBC does.

On the more perplexing side of their green programming is an interview with Prince Charles conducted by Brian Williams, in which the Prince claims he wants to be “the defender of nature." The Prince is an avowed hunter and animal activists recently protested his support of the mass killing of grey squirrels in order to reintroduce red squirrels back into the environment in Cornwall, England. Killing one species, even in the effort to save another, isn’t exactly defending nature.

The interview will precede the television premiere of the Prince’s documentary “Harmony” about environmental issues, and his efforts to prevent global warming. May we suggest you make sure your servants turn out all the light in your five houses?

Launched in 2007 Green Universal Week is NBC’s effort to educate the viewing public about environmental and ecological issues.

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