13 November 2010

Kitty-loving Katy Perry launches cat-themed fragrance called 'Purr'

Singer Katy Perry loves cats so much that her new fragrance, which debuted at Selfridge's in London last week, is housed in a bottle shaped like a kitten—a shapely purple kitten with twinkling bejewelled eyes.

For the occasion, Perry fittingly wore a purr-ple dress by Miu Miu (but of course) to the launch, which drew thousands of eager fans to the beauty hall at the Oxford Street department store.

The ode to all things feline does not extend to the fragrance itself, which doesn't smell anything like a cat, please note. Rather, it's described as a feminine blend of floral and fruity notes.

"It's the purr-fect purr-fume that I know will leave you meowing with delight," she told the gathered media, adding that she put her heart and soul into its creation.

The 26-year-old singer dressed up as Catwoman in the ad campaign, donning a skin-tight purple and pink latex catsuit with a long slinky tail.

Perry's fans know she has a cat named Kitty Purry. But she definitely does not have a tiger. Rumours flew following her marriage to English comedian Russell Brand in October 2010 that he bought her a big cat as a wedding present.

Brand was quick to shoot those rumours down, citing that as a vegetarian, he would never do something abusive towards animals.

Katy Perry is on top of the charts with her second album, Teenage Dream, which debuted at number one when it was released in August 2010. To date she has sold more than 30 million records.

Bonnie Shulman | @veganbonnie
Bonnie has been a vegan for four years and supports vegan advocacy organizations such as Vegan Outreach and Farm Sanctuary, as well as animal rights groups around the world. She is particularly nuts about ducks, as you can see from her flickr site. Feel free to add Bonnie as a friend on Facebook.

Photo credit: Selfridges & Co.