08 November 2010

Pamela Anderson to ask Israel to support ban on fur trade

Pamela Anderson, former Playboy Playmate and animal rights activist, told reporters last Sunday that she planned to try to meet with ultra-Orthodox Jewish lawmakers while in Israel to ask them to stop blocking a bill banning the import of fur.

Anderson who is in Israel to appear as a guest judge on the local version of “Dancing with the Stars” praised efforts to ban the use of fur in the country. "It is wonderful there is no fur farmed here in Israel. It is very progressive and a wonderful example for the rest of the world," she said.

The anti fur bill was delayed last September because of opposition by ultra-Orthodox Jewish leaders, who said it would affect the wearing of the shtreimel, a traditional festive hat made with fox fur or sable.

Despite the fact that 80% of Israelis support the initiative, fur trade lobbyists and religious parties managed to delay final voting on the bill. The bill had already passed an initial and more difficult vote. A positive vote last September would have made the bill into law.

In a letter written to Yakov Margi, Israel’s Minister of Religious Services, Anderson said:

“I urge you to support this historic bill and speak up for the millions of animals who are bludgeoned, electrocuted, and skinned alive for their pelts each year. Surely you will agree that the ways in which animals suffer and die in the fur trade violates Jewish principles, which strictly prohibit causing unnecessary suffering to animals.”

If the bill was to pass, Israel would be the first country in the world to impose a blanket ban on the import of animal fur.

Robin Lawless | @robmlaw
Robin lives in NYC with her cat Maggie where she follows a vegan lifestyle, practices yoga, and volunteers at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Follow Robin on Facebook

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/urbanmixer