03 November 2010

The truth about what happens to ‘unwanted’ male chicks in the British egg industry

Shocking footage showing exactly what happens to male chicks in the course of egg production has been made public by British campaigning group Viva! as part of an investigation into the industry.

Undercover filming by Viva!, which took place at two British hatcheries in August, reveals the hidden truth that much of the general public are unaware of, the fact that between 30-40 million male chicks are killed every year in Britain simply because they are surplus to requirements. The reality is that at just a day or two old these tiny chicks are sorted from the females and then killed in their thousands, either by gassing or by being thrown alive into electric mincers.

Viva! campaigns manager, Justin Kerswell said, "This is a needless destruction of life to an unimaginable scale – and all to bring eggs to our tables. It happens in all egg production: from the most intensive through to organic farming."

The egg industry in Britain supplies a staggering 10 billion eggs to the nation. Viva! stresses that the only solution to industry cruelty is to reduce the demand and that means stopping eating eggs and going vegan.

Watch the footage:

Rolanda Ware | @evolvecampaigns
Rolanda is one of the directors of EVOLVE! Campaigns, a UK based campaigning organization which focuses on vegan education. Follow Rolanda on EVOLVE! Campaigns and Facebook.

Photo credit: video screen capture