02 November 2010

Street thieves steal pensioners dog in Alameda

In an act of unspeakable callousness, last weekend two men robbed an 80 year old woman of her purse - and her dog.

Helen Bignone, of Alameda was shopping with her Yorkshire Terrier Deuce, when two men in a car confronted her, acting as if they had a gun. They demanded her dog and purse, which she refused. One man then grabbed the dog while the other took her purse.

"I'm just really worried that whoever has him isn't treating him good," Bignone said. "I'm just hurt. I just want my dog back. It isn't fair that anybody, particularly old people, can't just walk around without fear of being robbed."

Alameda Police Lt. Sean Lynch said, "It's clearly a despicable act. Obviously, anytime you're going to take somebody's property, you're not a model citizen. But to steal the purse and the dog from an 80 year old woman who's just out on a Saturday taking a walk, it doesn't get more heartless than that."

The men left the scene in a faded blue or green 1980's Honda or Toyota sedan, which had a primer colored left-front quarter panel.

If you have any information on the dog's whereabouts, or the two men, please call police at (510) 337-8340.

Source: SFGate

Bev Hahler | @redhotvegan
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Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/wayy