01 November 2010

Sophie the basset hound swallows 31 rusty nails and survives

Never mind cats having nine lives, how many do dogs have? A one-year-old pooch called Sophie, from Colorado Springs, has certainly just used up one of hers after swallowing 31 roofing nails, some house siding and her own rabies tag. She must have had quite a stomach ache after that lot.

Sophie's owner, Carla Borck, noticed that her basset hound pup was not looking herself after she'd been snouting around the backyard with the family's other dog, a black labrador. It seems he was digging up the nails and Sophie was following behind eating them up.

A trip to their veterinarian and a set of X-rays later and the hoard of rusty metal was discovered in Sophie's belly, much to everyone's amazement. Luckily she had no internal bleeding and the items were able to be successfully removed by emergency surgery. Sophie is now recovering at home while her owners make sure that their yard is a metal-free zone. According to their veterinarian, once a dog gets a taste for the metallic stuff, they'll keep going back for more!

Source: KABC

Rolanda Ware | @evolvecampaigns
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Photo credit: video screen capture