18 October 2010

'It's All About The Fruit' aims to educate children on nutrition and gardening

Move over you ubiquitous cafeteria tater tots. There's a new food now gunning for "most popular" this year, and I give my full fledged support. Jamba Juice and The National Gardening Association have joined forces for "It's All About The Fruit," a grant that brings Mother Nature and all her deliciousness back into schools and children's lives by providing fruit trees and lessons on nutrition and gardening.

Schools interested in applying for one of twenty $500 grants can learn more about the program by visiting www.kidsgardening.org. Applications are due November 29, 2010 with winners being announced in January 2011.  Recipients will be selected based on plans to promote nutrition education, ideas for incorporating fruit tree activities in curriculum, and the ability to sustain the program over multiple years.

Like math and science, nutrition and health can finally be a part of a school's curriculum. Hopefully we can soon all wave buh-bye to the epidemic known as childhood obesity. And thanks to "It's All About The Fruit," now every student can be a teacher's pet by bringing them an apple!

Hayley Marie Norman | @xoHayleyMarie
Hayley Marie, a vegan, is a Los Angeles based actress that has appeared in numerous films including Hancock and Fired Up, as well as several tv shows such as Crash and an upcoming stint on CSI:NY. For more information about Hayley Marie check out her personal blog.

Photo credit: flickr.com/photos/cleopold73


  1. Great Information! As a mom, I am so grateful that more people are seeing the harmful effects of fast processed food on our children. I feel safer knowing my kids will be learning about healthier options. Yay! Thanks Hayley!

  2. Shoe Heffner10/18/10, 1:40 PM

    I remember when i was a kid, i would always try and trade the fruit that mom packed in my lunch box with the other kids for their pudding or animal crackers. they never went for it. ever. looking back, i'm glad they didn't. kids nowadays eat way too much junk, and it's about time that there were healthier options provided, as well as programs like this initiated into our schools to educate children on the importance of eating healthy. maybe i didn't always like that my mom packed fruit for me, but i think she was on to something.

  3. I am so excited to see that you are a writer here on one of my favorite websites. You are so talented. I loved you on Deal or No Deal!!

  4. We are what we eat. If our kids eat junk, guess what?!