12 October 2010

Virgin America decides to go cage-free with egg supply

America's cage free hen movement seems to be going from strength to strength! Yet another major company, Virgin America, has made the switch from using eggs from caged hens according to The Humane Society of the United States.

“The Humane Society of the United States applauds Virgin America for not supporting the confinement of egg-laying hens in cages packed so tightly they can’t even extend their wings,” said Kristie Middleton, corporate outreach manager for The HSUS’ factory farming campaign. “We hope others in the transportation industry follow Virgin America’s lead, which will improve the lives of thousands of hens each year.”

Frances Fiorillo, senior vice president for people and in-flight services for Virgin America says, "Virgin America understands that animal welfare and sustainability are increasingly important to travelers, which is why we're proud to exclusively feature cage-free eggs on our in-flight menu."

As we have previously reported here, more and more large businesses are choosing to listen to public opinion regarding the cruel treatment of caged hens, and opt for cage free eggs instead. With an estimated 95% of America's eggs currently coming from caged hens, the move cannot come quick enough.

Bev Hahler | @redhotvegan
Bev, a vegetarian since she was 14 years old, became more interested in veganism several years ago after studying Agro-business as part of an Ecology degree. Follow Bev on her blog and Facebook.

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/smartjunco