07 October 2010

Virgin America adds vegetarian options to its seasonal menu

Virgin America has announced that it is now offering vegetarian meals within their new seasonal menu, in addition to the airline's traditional meat oriented selections.

The California-based airline's menu uses an assortment of healthy ingredients, including fresh fruits and vegetables.

Along with nutritious fresh food, Virgin America also offers three different prepared meal boxes. One of which is deemed "Comfort", a vegetarian meal containing almond butter, apple chips, and crackers.

A sampling of the airline's vegetarian choices from the new menu include:
Tea Sandwiches: A cucumber and dill tea sandwich and a roasted vegetable and herb pinwheel served with smoked gouda cheese, artichokes, tomatoes, olives, and toasted walnuts and a chocolate petit four.

Roasted Eggplant and Zucchini Roulade: Grilled eggplant and zucchini wrapped around candied fennel, asparagus, and roasted tomatoes on top of Italian stewed vegetables. Served with chilled ratatouille.

Grilled Anitpasto with Fresh Mozzarella: An array of grilled garden fresh vegetables and fresh mozzarella cheese drizzled with a sweet and sour tamarind balsamic reduction.

Paneer and Vegetable Tikka with Couscous: Spiced curry with paneer, eggplant, and cauliflower served with Moroccan spiced rice pilaf, mango chutney, and grilled pita bread.

Layered Mediterranean Vegetables: Baked portabella mushroom layered with marinated grilled zucchini, yellow squash, roasted tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella cheese. Served with tomato confit, grilled fennel, and spinach and cannellini bean Italian rice.

Fall Vegetables in Puff Pastry with Coulis: Potatoes, spinach, squash, mushrooms, artichokes, peas, tomatoes, pine nuts, feta cheese and fontina cheese wrapped and baked in puff pastry. Served with a fresh bay green salad with red bell pepper vinaigrette.

Although there are not many options for those whom are completely vegan, the added vegetarian meals are a wonderful example for airlines everywhere.

Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/smartjunco