07 October 2010

NWF launches television program for pre-school aged children

When it comes to teaching kids about the world around them, there seems to be a very specific formula that works without fail:  take some completely adorable characters, put them on a tv show, sprinkle with the necessary facts, and voila--instant learning.

The National Wildlife Federation is the most recent organization to realize this genius idea, and this week they are launching a new TV series, Wild Animal Baby Explorers, presented by Washington DC-based WETA public television, across the countryThe program is the very first TV offering for kids from NWF, and it offers an "entertaining combination of lovable 3D animated characters and high-def live-action footage."

Born from the very popular Wild Animal Baby DVD, distributed by NWF in 2006, Wild Animal Baby Explorers "captivates young viewers by taking them on adventures, by land and by sea, teaching them about nature and creatures big and small."  Each 30-minute episode aims to not only entertain its pre-school viewers, but also to sharpen and hone their observation, problem-solving and listening skills. 

Hoping to inspire children to explore the great outdoors and the beauty of nature, each episode revolves around a mystery that needs to be solved by its effervescent characters:  Benita the Beaver, Skip the Rabbit, Izzy the Owl, Sammy the Skunk and Sally the Salamander.

Wild Animal Baby Explorers "will inspire youngsters to get outside and explore the wild where they live, be it a backyard or the park down the street." NWF’s Be Out There team has also created some fun activities for kids to enjoy while they are exploring the great outdoors at http://www.beoutthere.org/.

Check your local listings to see when Wild Animal Baby Explorers is airing in your area of the country.

Stephanie DeBalko | @_stephanied_
Stephanie is a freelance writer who loves shelter dogs and Vegenaise. She can be found at Homespun by Stephanie.

Photo credit: NWF