06 October 2010

City of Malibu opens innovative storm runoff system at new park

The City of Malibu held a community celebration this past Saturday, for the opening of Legacy Park, the centerpiece of the city's more than $50 million promise to improving ocean water quality and protecting the health of its nearly 13,000 residents and the approximately 15 million visitors who explore Malibu's mountains and shores annually.

Legacy Park's creation transformed 15 acres in the heart of the City into a central park that is one of the most ambitious and innovative storm water and urban runoff projects in all of California. This high-tech project is an environmental cleaning machine capable of capturing up to 2.6 million gallons per day of storm water and urban runoff for treatment and disinfection. Malibu is the only city in the state to build three storm water treatment facilities, and Legacy Park expands the City's capacity to capture storm water for treatment.

I am astounded that more cities haven't served as a model rather than following Malibu’s lead in making conservation a priority. In fund raising the $2.4M not only did it defer 10% of the overall cost of the project including design fees, but, showed the matching Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and governmental agencies, Malibu residents will care enough to maintain it because they had a hand in getting it built.

"This one-of-a-kind park in the heart of Malibu creates a legacy of ocean protection and environmental conservation for generations to come. The community came together to raise the money to purchase the land for Legacy Park, preserve it as open space and transform it into an innovative project that will improve ocean water quality and protect public health,"said Malibu Mayor Jefferson Wagner. "We thank all of the supporters, donors, City Council and City staff who made this celebration possible today through their dedication to creating this vital legacy."

The new park offers a serene setting and scenic views for visitors to the Malibu Community Library, which is undergoing a renovation intended to take advantage of those views.

I have to say that I am a bit envious considering that I reside near Huntington Beach, CA, which is a much larger community and nothing of this magnitude has been done on any level like Malibu. Perhaps more beach residents will use Malibu as a starting point for their cities improving ocean water quality.

For more information on the City and the project, please visit www.ci.malibu.ca.us and www.malibulegacy.org.

Jill Paschal | @VegCookin
Jill is the owner of the online vegan bookstore VegCookin. She is a continuing student majoring in Business Management and loves to travel world cultures via cuisine.

Photo credit: malibulegacy.org