01 October 2010

World Vegetarian Day kicks off Vegetarian Awareness Month

October 1 is world vegetarian day and is the annual kick off of the North American Vegetarian Society’s Vegetarian Awareness Month. The day and month were established to promote awareness of the myriad of benefits vegetarianism offers, from improving health, saving animals and helping the environment. Pretty amazing that one little change in your lifestyle can do so much, huh? Makes me feel a little like Mother Teresa.

So for all of today, and heck, for the rest of the month feel free to brag to your carnivore friends that not only are you reducing your personal risk of having a stroke, contracting heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, that your veg diet has also helped to:
  • Provide a viable answer to feeding the world's hungry through more efficient use of grains and other crops
  • Save animals from suffering in factory-farm conditions and from the pain and terror of slaughter
  • Conserve vital but limited freshwater, fertile topsoil and other precious resources
  • Preserve irreplaceable ecosystems such as rainforests and other wildlife habitats
  • Decrease greenhouse gases that are accelerating global warming
  • Mitigate the ever-expanding environmental pollution of animal agriculture.
If after that they seem unsure about trying a veg diet, you can encourage them further by saying something like “if Bill Clinton can do it, so can you!” I mean he was practically the president of porkville, right?

Or if bribery is more your style then The North American Vegetarian Society will give a little green to those going green, by offering cash prizes to non vegetarians who pledge to abstain from meat, fish and fowl. Direct all your meat eating friends and family to: www.worldvegetarianday.org/pledge-vegwin. If they win be sure to take a commission!

If they just shrug their shoulders and look at you like you are crazy, then, well, maybe you need new friends!

Robin Lawless | @robmlaw
Robin lives in NYC with her cat Maggie where she follows a vegetarian lifestyle, practices yoga, and volunteers at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Follow Robin on Facebook

Photo credit:cc: flickr.com/photos/sovietuk