29 September 2010

McDonalds to introduce a larger version of its 'snack' wrap

McDonald's is testing a larger premium version of its Chicken Snack Wrap, making them burrito-size. The new version of its Chicken Snack Wrap is not a snack any more: the Chicken Grande Wrap is a full-fledged meal in and of itself.

The wraps are available in three variations including the Santa Fe BBQ wrap which comes with BBQ ranch sauce, black beans and corn, a Garden Ranch version and one called Roma Pesta, with tomato pesto and garlic aioli. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, all three wraps are made with diced cucumber, shredded cheese, sliced tomato and lettuce, and you can get the chicken either grilled or fried. These wraps cost about $4, more than twice as much as the "snack" versions.

According to McDonald’s, the wraps with grilled chicken will run 350-370 calories, while the fried version has about 420-440 calories—more proof that we don’t need anymore “snacks” from fast-food chains given the current state of obesity in this country. The new wraps have calories enough for a meal rather than a so-called snack.

This isn't the first evolution for the snack wrap line. Earlier this summer, McDonald's introduced an Angus snack wrap line as well.

Although the wraps may be loaded with vegetables, it’s pretty clear that McDonald’s is still a long way from offering any real healthy alternatives on their menu. Best advice, bring your own real healthy snack with you from home.

Jill Paschal | @VegCookin
Jill is the owner of the online vegan bookstore VegCookin. She is a continuing student majoring in Business Management and loves to travel world cultures via cuisine.

Photo credit: McDonald's