27 September 2010

EDF launches green jobs website for Californians

Californians who are looking to join the state's fastest growing economic area now have an easier way to do so, thanks to a first-of-its-kind career site developed by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). Green Jobs California is a comprehensive resource for job seekers and guidance counselors that want to join or learn more about the state's growing green economy. It includes thousands of businesses, organizations and other groups throughout the state. According to Erica Flick, a clean energy fellow at the Environmental Defense Fund, "this one-of-a-kind website is a dream come true for job seekers who want green careers."

With all the “green buzz” going on as of late, it’s no wonder that California would be the state where people can not only obtain an education to secure competency in a green field, but also be able to network with pioneering green entrepreneurs and businesses willing to train and inspire people to pursue a career within the green economy; connect them to the training they need; and expose them to online resources, including job boards that will help them start a green career in their chosen field of interest. From the state re-training initiatives, people will have access to online resources to create business in emerging industries such as; energy generation, energy efficiency, green buildings, transportation, and carbon markets.

All of the above coupled with favorable press and a notable mini-documentary like ”Faces of Green Jobs"goes a long way in promoting California as a go to destination and I would even go so far as to say a national model for the green and sustainable industries.

The site complements the recently updated map of California's green economy that lists thousands of clean energy and sustainable companies that are growing as a result of the state's climate change leadership. Workplaces on the map are involved in energy creation, energy efficiency, green buildings, transportation, carbon markets and sustainable business practices. The listings can be arranged by county and state legislative district.

For more information, visit Green Jobs California.

Jill Paschal | @VegCookin
Jill is the owner of the online vegan bookstore VegCookin. She is a continuing student majoring in Business Management and loves to travel world cultures via cuisine.

Photo Credit: Green Jobs California