23 September 2010

Used hybrid cars a good bet for today's drivers

Kelley Blue Book, the trusted source of [used and new] automobile information, reported recently that hybrid vehicles offer a greater value to car buyers. Hybrid vehicles are retaining the average automobile appreciation, and can, thus, be purchased at much lower prices than they were originally sold for.

One of the main reasons hybrids are losing their value is that gas prices have remained consistent and steady for a while, causing a decline in the demand for fuel-efficient cars such as the hybrid. Another main reason for the decreased value is that more efficient fully gas-motored vehicles are available on the market. Technology has advanced to the point that “regular” cars can now achieve at least 40 miles per gallon on the highway, if not more, a number that is fully comparable to many hybrids.

However, although a used hybrid may be purchased at well below its original price, it will still take a driver a few years to acquire any amount of savings on a new hybrid vehicle over that of a standard automobile. Kelley Blue Book recommends buying used hybrids to save money, and also suggests that the car buyer steer clear of cars such as the Toyota Prius, which has developed such a reputation that it easily costs more than any other comparable automobile. Cars such as the Honda Civic Hybrid or the Ford Fusion Hybrid are better bets for a car buyer who’s looking to pay less upfront and to retain the value of the car in a more timely fashion.

Geanna Marek
Geanna was born and raised in veg-friendly Portland where she currently works as a freelance writer and librarian assistant. Find Geanna at her sustainable vegan living blog greenveganliving.com.

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/27132029@N06