23 September 2010

DePaul University goes green with Sunovia’s EvoLucia LED lights

College campuses across the country are becoming increasingly green every year. Whether they are adding new and evolving economic studies programs or building a more sustainable campus, the environment is working its way up in priority for many colleges.

The latest college to take a step in the green direction is DePaul University, the largest Catholic university in the country. The school has two Chicago campuses, as well as four suburban and two international campuses. Recently, the university made a parking garage on its Lincoln Park campus more energy efficient by changing out its 210-watt metal halide lights for 90-watt EvoLucia LED lights. The new lights will save the campus not only energy, but cost, and will improve campus visibility and safety.

"DePaul's LED lighting program is one of many environmentally sustainable efforts the university has implemented across our campuses in recent years," said Bob Janis, vice president for Facility Operations. "DePaul is committed to preserving resources for future generations and continuing a variety of eco-friendly initiatives that have garnered national recognition in recent years."

The new lights use about 60% less energy than the metal halides previously being used in the Sheffield parking garage. Additionally, the EvoLucia LED lights will not need to be changed for six years after installation, saving the school significantly more money than when they were using the metal halide lights. The lights will also be perfect for use in the parking garage, as they should hold up better in high-traffic areas. Of course, given that parking garage lights must be left on at all times, the use of the new EvoLucia LED lights will achieve this while using much less energy.

Angela Goldberg
Angela is a recent graduate of Ithaca College where she studied writing and anthropology. You can also find Angela at Angela Rae Photography.

Photo credit: flickr.com/photos/puroticorico