21 September 2010

Musicians and artists lend talents to ‘More Birthdays’ movement

As part of the American Cancer Society’s More Birthdays campaign, dozens of the biggest names in music and art have come together to lend their talents to the movement which is designed to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

To date, celebrities including Keith Urban, Justin Bieber, Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat, Maurice Sendak, Eric Carle, Maroon 5, Masha D'Yans, Foreigner, Train, Aaron Neville, and more have joined the More Birthdays movement.

Musicians who join the campaign each record a special version of “Happy Birthday” while artists donate artwork inspired by facts about how the American Cancer Society has contributed to progress against cancer.

"I love the spirit of the American Cancer Society's More Birthdays campaign because it celebrates life," said three-time Grammy Award winner Keith Urban. "The marking of time, especially when spent with family and friends on that special day, helps to remind us of the little things that are most important to all of our lives."

"I think it's really important to support More Birthdays because the Society is helping out so much to save lives," said multiple platinum pop singer Justin Bieber. "Hopefully, me singing Happy Birthday to people through this effort will make them smile."

The contributions made by these charitable stars will be used in advertising and are also available for the public through custom e-cards or birthday merchandise—gift wrap, posters, limited edition prints— with sales from those items being used toward the American Cancer Society’s fundraising efforts.

"Thanks in part to the progress we've made, today we are celebrating 350 birthdays each and every day that would have been otherwise lost to cancer," said John R. Seffrin, PhD, chief executive officer, American Cancer Society. "Now we are working relentlessly toward a world where we can celebrate tens of thousands More Birthdays every day, and we need every tool at our disposal. We hope the support of these wonderful artists and musicians will capture the public's attention and inspire them to help us make more progress and move us closer to a world where cancer never steals another year of anyone's life."

To listen to the music artists’ renditions of “Happy Birthday,” or for more information about the campaign visit morebirthdays.com.

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Daelyn Fortney | @daelyn
Daelyn is the co-founder & managing director of This Dish Is Veg. In addition to her work at TDIV, Daelyn homeschools her three daughters.

Photo credit: morebirthdays.com