Former President Clinton experimenting with a vegetarian diet

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No more Big Macs for Big Bill – Former President Clinton is experimenting with a vegetarian diet. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Clinton revealed that he lost twenty pounds before his daughter Chelsea’s wedding by following a plant-based diet, and he’s committed to keeping it off.

Clinton admits to eating fish occasionally, but says that he believes a vegan diet, which is naturally low in cholesterol, can help the body heal and repair itself. He’s hoping to reap some of those health benefits for himself, and already looks to his diet to keep him healthy and energized as he travels the world.

We think his next stop should be the White House, where he can have a talk with President Obama about his Five Guys cheeseburger habit – the only thing better than a former President eating veg is a current one eating veg!

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Jane Schlech
Jane was the first contributor to sign up at This Dish Is Veg. She is passionate about animal welfare and vegetarianism/veganism.

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