15 September 2010

Rescued circus baboon gets new life thanks to ADI and Bob Barker

A former circus baboon who was abused and kept in a small cage for eighteen years in a Bolivian circus has found a new home in Britain thanks to the Animal Defenders International and Bob Barker. Tilin, an 18 year old male baboon, was handed over to ADI last weekend to begin his journey to a monkey sanctuary in Berkshire, England. Bob Barker, TV host and animal rights activist financed Tilin's rescue.

Tilin is one of the many animals to benefit from ADI’s successful campaign to ban animals in circuses in Bolivia last year. The landmark law was passed after ADI infiltrated circuses and filmed animals being beaten by trainers to force them to perform. The images were shown to Bolivian legislators.

“This remarkable creature will now live out the rest of his days very happy in his new enclosure at a monkey sanctuary in Berkshire – a far cry from the appalling, solitary life he led in a Bolivian circus,” Bob Barker said.

Four lions from Bolivian circuses were given new homes in Californian last May. The lions rescue was also funded by Bob Barker.

To sponsor Tilin and find out more about the invaluable work that ADI does, please visit: www.adiusa.org. You can also watch a video of Tilin’s rescue diary.

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Robin Lawless | Robin's Facebook
Robin lives in NYC with her cat Maggie where she follows a vegetarian lifestyle, practices yoga, and volunteers at Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

Photo credit: screen capture